Hualien Coastal Bikeways Part One: The most splendid coastal highway in Taiwan/花蓮海岸自行車道1-台灣最美的海岸公路

Entering Highway 11 to leave Hua-lian City after passing through Hua-lian Bridge, you'll arrive in Yan-liao Village, Shou-feng Township in Hua-lian County.
過了花蓮大橋,進入台11線,離開了花蓮市,來到花蓮縣壽豐鄉鹽寮村。 24799e9ab63503e77f84087b6881a184

There is a designated bike lane along the way; however, the lane gets narrower around sharp curves of the road.

With an overall length of one hundred seventy some kilometers, Highway 11 is nicknamed the most beautiful coastal highway in Taiwan. Don't forget to pay attention to safety during your leisure coastal highway trip.

Yan-liao Village is the starting point for the Coastal Range through which Kuroshio Current from Pacific Ocean passes.

Yan in Chinese means "salt." Yan-liao is a common name for places in Taiwan. The Yan-liao in Hua-lian used to be called Yan-liao Harbor, where actual salt production took place.

Henan Temple


There are the longest gravel beach in Taiwan, and a 300-meter abrasion platform right by Henan Temple.

Farglory Ocean Park


With such distinctive tourism resources, there are nearly 50 hotels and homestays. Two of them are five-star hotels. There is also Farglory Ocean Park.

Interestingly, Yan-liao Village population in 2016 was measly 661.

East Coast Area Administration Hua-lian Tourist Center


Heading south from Hua-lian Bridge for a bit, you'll arrive at East Coast Area Administration Hua-lian Tourist Center before arriving at the ocean park.
從花蓮大橋往南走一小段,還沒到海洋公園,會到東管處花蓮遊客中心。 ffe88a717c13ebcf1e6d8a3e0eb6a1a0

Sitting on the tourist center hillside to check out the sea scenery, you'll see what makes this place famous.
坐在遊客中心的山坡上看海,就知道這樣的名氣怎麼來的。 f6c9c2b595c6b5302b877a2a1fee454a


Some homestays along the way brim with English Cottage Style, and some others exude Mediterranean Style.
公路沿線民宿,有的是英國鄉村造型,有的是地中海風格。 a88ef7e1851ce51117689a7ec8848135


Standing tall amidst the seaside, blue sky and green space, these buildings afford spectacular views.

Yan-liao used to be the place where hermits desired to live. Philosopher Meng Dong-li and environmental movement pioneer O Ji-fu both resided here.
鹽寮曾是隱士嚮往的地方,哲學家孟東籬,環境思想先峰區紀復,都曾在這裡定居。 2a32e5a93fac7fc3d16c2becb753b979



Baci Gazebo


From Hua-lian Bridge at Highway 11 4th kilometer stone, head south all the way till you reach Baci Gazebo at the thirty-first kilometer stone. There are many wonderful scenic spots along the way. Baci is furthermore situated at the highest vantage point on the coastal highway.

The nine kilometers of Highway 11 from Shui-lian at the twenty-second kilometer stone to Baci does not run along the coast.
而在台11線22公里的水漣,到芭崎之間的9公里,公路不再臨海。 47c506e6b412103541f147befc92a721

There is a famous Tiao-lung Tunnel in this section of the highway. The old Highway 11 cliff is right beneath it.

Baci is definitely worth your stop.
到了芭崎,一定要停下來。 e094c4038dde331a9d37238ed4707f67


The hilltop ahead that you see from the gazebo is a volcanic crater.
眺望台可以看到前方的山頭,是火山口。 72acff122525d0d14be0035c1776b6c8

At the end of the nearby bay is Gui-hou Cape. The beach by the inland is Ji-qi Beach.

This little observation tower is the highest spot on the coastal highway. Inside a small shop is some information about the attractions along the way.
小小的眺望台是海岸公路最高處,小店裡有沿路景點介紹。 98c8787e80e87e0320cf1e7feac0aae1

There is also information about the aboriginal tribes. If time allows, you should choose a place to stay overnight and spend a day or two there.
也有原住民族部落的介紹,如果有機會,選擇一個地點住下來一兩天。 e74d7fc1c6100fd3e7a8605c8795fe0f

These aboriginal people are very friendly, but keep in mind that this is their residence, not a typical tourist attraction.

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