Qingtiangang, where a secret military post turns into a hot spot for wedding photography/擎天崗-軍事秘境變婚紗景點

Qing-tian-gang is 812 meters above sea level. It possesses the lava terrace formed as an aftermath of a volcanic eruption.
擎天崗海拔812公尺。是火山爆發留下的熔岩階地。 2e196bdbfe77cd4e18fb0c9d0832c80f

Qing-tian-gang Grassland


Qing-tian-gang Grassland was originally dubbed as "The Hilltop" due to being situated at the highest spot of Fish Road Historic Trail.
擎天崗草原有嶺頭之稱,因為是魚路古道最高點 c7e77c56c868d0393e9372c680d9cb6f

You get to view Jin-shan Plain from afar on the northeast side and overlook Great Taipei Basin on the southwest side.
東北方可俯視金山平原,西南方可遠眺大台北盆地。 8a21b3ba1793ee26caf382c22fb776c5


This Swiss-like grassland is a super hot attraction.

Qing-tian-gang is like a hub for Yangmingshan trails. Going along Qing-tian-gang trail, you can get to trails in Jan-sih Waterfall, Bamboo Lake, Jin-shan, Fonggueiko, Nay-hu, etc.
擎天崗就像陽明山區步道轉運中心,沿著擎天崗步道可以到絹絲瀑布、竹子湖、金山、風櫃口甚至內湖等步道。 8e132ea182736b2d62be29cdb30fddd1


Qing-tian-gang Circular Trail


There is a Qing-tian-gang Circular Trail in addition to other scenic spots. Taking a spin around it isn't too strenuous. It allows you to check out various types of gorgeous scenery throughout the hill.
擎天崗景點也有環形步道,走一圈不會太費力,可看遍山丘上各種美景。 91b6a0a5528803ad702485944ee268c3

It offers different types of scenery all year round. It's absolutely romantic when heavy mist abounds.

If you walk around the circular trail, you'll see cows grazing, military bunkers and soon to be newly-weds taking photos, giving you a tangled and complicated image.

Qing-tian-gang was in fact a ranch during the Japanese colonial era. There were over seventeen hundred cows in its heyday; however, only tens of them remain now.
擎天崗在日治時期的確是牧場,最盛時期有1千7百多頭牛。現在只剩下不到幾十頭。 972d6033f0003046bdc4f361549e6404

Qing-tian-gang is also Taipei City's vantage point. It used to be a restricted zone during Cold War.

As shown on the stone in the picture, a military post was stationed here preventing enemy amphibious landings and airborne operations.
照片中的石碑顯示,這裡曾是軍隊營區,駐防在這裡,防制敵方傘兵空降。 5ac7643f108d9df76b9378961ea11d68



Before arriving at Qing-tian-gang, Lengshueikeng is an attraction also worth visiting.
到擎天崗之前,冷水坑景點也可以停留一下。 be94d9b47c41c2cc443fe7dd364fd373

There is a public hot spring area. The spring quality is topnotch. Best of all, it's free. Be sure to check the opening hours.
這裡有公共溫泉,泉質非常好,而且不收費用,但要注意開放時間。 817d409d9083c079e69fbf01045a8afa


There is also a Qi-xing Mountain Trail entrance nearby.
附近也有登七星山步道的登山口。 3e33a9f6565b392727cd1f645e59ea95

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