Qingjing Farm, The Little Swiss in Taiwan/清境農場-台灣的小瑞士

Qingjing Farm is located between one thousand and two thousand meters above sea level. It has become a hot spot in recent years.

Coming from western Taiwan, you'll need to pass by Qingjing Farm in order to go up to He-huan Mountain to enjoy the snow view.

The farm is less than one-hour drive away from He-huan Mountain and is only 8 kilometers from Wu-she. Coming up from Wu-she, you'll see a few European-style homestays along the way.
離合歡山不到一個小時車程。距離霧社也只有8公里,從霧社上來,路上就可以看到零星歐洲風民宿。 1b09bbb350404d4adf8e59642b02df9a


The green mountain scenery is truly breathtaking.
在青山之中,實在很漂亮。 bcd2a9d2249b9dcb8c4aa2d70d9c05a4

From Qingjing Farm, you get to see high mountains of Central Range, including Qi-lai Mountain, Neng-gao Mountain and more.
清境農場可以看到奇萊山和能高山等台灣中央山脈高山。 95ef8deb4613d7dadf5809c87df84527

Qingjing Vistor Center


There is a large Seven Eleven before arriving at Qingjing Guest House. This is also where Qingjing Visitor Center is located.

You can get an immense mountain view here. There is an explanation board at the parking lot letting you know the position of every mountain.
在這裡看山視野特別遼濶。停車場有一面詳細解說牌,告訴你每座山的位置。 f46217be92abffc27c2f83bf3c5d6674


Experience a unique feeling of having 3000-meter mountains right across from you.
3千公尺高山,好像就在你對面,感覺很特別。 f5e4e0b524829289f41b7bec880faaff


Qingjing Guest House is the landmark of Qingjing farm. You will begin to see homestays and restaurants in increasing numbers from here on.
國民賓館是清境農場的地標,從這裡開始,民宿和餐廳密度越來越高。 71d5dda9afed37e41129e0925fafca1f

Across from here is a gorgeous garden "Small Swiss Garden," occupying an area as large as 6 hectares.
對面就是小瑞士花園。非常漂亮的花園,佔地廣達6公頃。 00df5fe82cffe68bc393b2e4b173ea88

You will see stands selling vegetables on the roadsides along the way.
沿路你會看到,路邊有攤位販售高山蔬菜 2766e3640b80f0948938b4f5e9edfbba

Perhaps oddly enough, there are stands selling Lanolin and goat milk tablets.
這不奇怪,竟然也有攤位賣綿羊油和羊乳片。 319e73be37114ac21977094219b6977f

That's right, these are local goods from Qingjing!

Qingjing Farm, which allowed KMT troops residing in Yunnan and Myanmar to settle down after their defeat in civil war, is one of the three alpine farms operated by Taiwan Veterans Association.

It's dubbed as the Eastern Little Swiss; however, things were not what they are. Traditional farming used to suffer countless losses.
現在有東方小瑞士之稱,可是原本不是這樣,傳統農場經營一度虧損累累。 c169ad63906044ece9b6d76d4841204e

Sheep were imported in 1997, the release of the sheep shearing show "Sheep Stripping Show" ensued.

Shepherds from New Zealand performed on-site shearing for tourists, and it became an attraction to everyone's surprise.
紐西蘭籍的牧羊人現場剪給遊客看,意外成為觀光熱點。 acaba089d58b6608bae34c962480c490


Burmese Cuisine is a local specialty due to residents from Yunnan and Myanmar.
再加上有來自雲南和緬甸住民,這裡的滇緬料理也是特色。 a6d260f1a2c3d71a055ad02fc3d8928e

Green Green Grassland


If you like to check out the sheep show, some herds and grasslands, you must go to "Green Green Grassland."
要看綿羊秀、羊群和草原,要到「青青草原」。 2b5b529109ac74c05e34ac18506b52a2


There are sheep pastures and horse show areas in "Green Green Grassland," making the farm a hot attraction.

You get to see sheep grazing on the roadsides, giving you a little taste of the Alps.

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