Taroko hiking trails, where you enter a world of extraordinary creations built by nature/太魯閣的步道-走進鬼斧神工的世界

Many people use the phrase "extraordinary creations built by nature" when describing the landscape of Ta-roko.

To be thoroughly acquainted with Ta-roko, the best way is to walk straight into the wonders by hiking the trails.

The trails in Ta-roko are different from those in Yangmingshan and He-huan Mountain.

Tarako trails pass through rock formations and allow you to travel through mountain paths, rock walls and cliffs.

Be sure to pay attention to safety due to fragile land structures and listen to directions given by the national park. Avoid strolling the area right after an earthquake or heavy rain.

There are approximately 30 trails inside Ta-roko National Park, categorized by 3 types: Landscape, Hiking and Mountain Climbing, and Adventure.

There are many trail entrances and exits in the vicinity of Tai 8 Central Cross-Island Highway, making them easily accessible.

Of all the trails that we are about to mention, only Zhui-lu Historical Trail requires an application, and most of them are the landscape type that's easy to walk through, making them suitable for children. The trails also allow you to taste the surprising beauty of Ta-roko in no time.
我們這裡介紹的步道,除了錐麓古道要事先申請, 大多是景觀型, 很好走, 大人小朋友都很適合,也很快就可以領略到太魯閣驚奇之美。

Bai-yang Trail


You can start out with a trail at a higher elevation such as Bai-yang Trail.
先從海拔比較高的步道開始。例如白楊步道。 efad1faa1c3d2b8a45f5c8146eb80597


There is a parking lot by the trail. You will need to walk through a small portion of the Rock Shed in order to get to the entrance. Pay attention to the incoming traffic.
步道前方有停車場,到步道入口要穿越一小段明隧道,特別小心路上來車。 fc6bce64216c58cf437f6c2247cdac30

Due to the road collapse after a typhoon, only the first scenic overlook is open to the public. To ensure travel safety, pay attention to the up-to-date indication sign placed by the park management.

There are many tunnels along the way. After you exit the first tunnel, there is an explanation board.
沿途有好幾個隧道,走出第一個隧道後,會有解說牌。 05611faf26b525b101fdc26668fbb517






Central Cross-Island Highway was built upon the old He-huan Historical Trail established during the Japanese colonial era. You can still see remnants of the historical trail along the way.

For instance, there is a small portion of the remnants very close to the community and situated between Silks Place Ta-roko Hotel and Wen Tian-xiang Park.
例如太魯閣晶英飯店和文天祥公園之間,就有一小段遺跡,相當接近社區。 0b05d511fd24ac96524233b8fe574c4a


Lu-shui Trail


Some are located at a more remote area. Take Lu-shui Trail as an example, the entrance is situated next to Lu-shui Geological Exhibition Hall.

The back of the trail connects to Industrial Road, which eventually returns to Central Cross-Island Highway from the vicinity of He-liu Campground.
步道後段與產業道路銜接,最後在合流露營區附近回到中橫公路。 eb2c3b74bc285bc1b7adf850961339ea

The pathway is about 2 meters wide, which is pretty consistent with the width of historical trails established during the Japanese colonial era. The entire route is sloped gently, making it suitable for the young and old.
路寬約2公尺,大致維持日治時期古道的寬度,全線平緩,大人小孩都適合。 6944c0c78ed756a2b8221f816adc6aa7

Standing atop the cliff, you can check out Li-wu Valley and Lu-shui river terraces from afar.
站在斷崖上,可俯瞰立霧溪谷與綠水河階。 2e83073c3238d4262a3cc62e7ab5c190


There are various lithophytes on rock walls. Among them is Ta-roko Oak, which is a precious plant in Taiwan.

Yue Fei Pavilion


There is a trail by Yue Fei Pavilion on the other side, about 500 meters east of Lu-shui Trail.
綠水步道附近以東約500公尺另一側,有條岳王亭步道 fc0c2e172fb1794288edde2b4dd38852


The pavilion by the Li-wu River stream is called "Yue Fei Pavilion." There is a waterfall across from the river running straight down into Li-wu River.

The suspension bridge crosses Li-wu River and gives you direct access to Yan Hai Forest Road, which was the passageway for personnel logging in the early days.
吊橋橫過立霧溪,可直接上研海林道,是早年伐木時人員進出的通道。 961f15de8ab5af05bad962acb4ec1409


Zhui-lu Historical Trail


Continue going east, and there is the entrance to Zhui-lu Historical Trail by Swallow Grotto Trail.
再往東走,是錐麓古道的入口,就在燕子口步道旁邊。 c0ddc63fd850461fc3275e06bf2dcac1

Zhui-lu Historical Trail is the segment with the longest remnants of He-huan Historical Trail, spanning 10 kilometers long. It will take you a full day to travel on foot.
錐麓古道是合歡山越嶺古道遺跡最長的路段,長約10公里,步行要一天。 ef42f9f732c3fae68493ae5fb8794a97

Some sections of the trail with a width of only 30 centimeters are on the cliff, making them extremely dangerous. There is staff guarding the entrance. You can't get in without an application.
有的路段在斷崖上,寬度只有30公分,非常驚險,入口有工作人員在看守,沒有申請不能進入。 059c1f21fc22094d8d1eb2496832d19f


Sha Ka-dang Trail and Little Zhui-lu Trail


There are also Sha Ka-dang Trail and Little Zhui-lu Trail. These two trails are near Ta-roko National Park Headquarters, making them very easy to find. You can get to them effortlessly after going through the tunnel.
還有砂卡礑步道與小錐麓步道。這兩條步道很容易找,就在太魯閣國家管理處旁,越過隧道就可以輕鬆抵達。 d2cfed8a7e61cbc1778b645b234d8254

Sha Ka-dang Trail was originally named Mysterious Valley Trail. It has an approximated overall length of 4.1 kilometers. As a result of being washed out by clear water, various sizes of marble on the stream bed bear a resemblance to a series of abstract murals.
砂卡礑步道原名神秘谷步道,全長約4.1公里,溪床上大大小小的大理石,被清澈溪水琢磨得好像一幅幅抽象壁畫。 08ae3586972df392b9109b67dda4d2d9

Little Zhui-lu Trail entrance is situated east of Sha Ka-dang Tunnel. Tourists can get there by walking on the left tunnel sidewalk for about 330 meters. The whole journey takes about 20 minutes.

Upon entering the trail, you'll see a very steep marble cliff on the left side that earned the trail its name "Little Zhui-lu Trail."
一走進步道,左側就是一片大理石斷崖,相當險峻,所以被叫做「小錐麓步道」。 85797e8b0489716e75b05485d36bf6a5

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