Jinshan Duck Meat, the economic growth engine at the temple front/金山鴨肉-廟口經濟發動機

Jin in Chinese means "gold."

The name Jin-shan evolved from a Taiwanese Plains Aboriginal Settlement "Jin-bao-li," which doesn't pertain to gold.

Though there is no gold in Jin-shan, it attracts tourists bringing cash.

In Jin-shan, there are hot springs. There are also Shui-wei Fishing Port and coastal trails facing Yeh-liu across a distance.

Jin-shan Old Street


If you want to eat some authentic Taiwanese dishes when coming down from Yangmingshan, taking a trip to Jin-shan Old Street will not be disappointing.

Jin-shan Old Street runs parallelly to Highway 2. You can find it by following the signs along the way.

The old street, which is a small alley with an approximated length of 200 meters from front to back, centers on Guang-an Temple.
金山老街以廣安宮為中心,前後大約200公尺的小巷。 b876c4496611e31237db3db37b2e8919

The alley is very bustling despite being so narrow.

Located at the Guang-an Temple, Jin-shan Duck Meat used to be a food stand with no storefronts.
金山鴨肉本來只是廣安宮前的小攤,沒有店面。 a4561b8203df84321d599f3bd4a6f934

The business eventually grew bigger and bigger, and the number of dining areas expanded one by one.

The dining crowds are like an engine, driving the entire old street economy and giving testament to the rise of the North Coast tourism industry.

The dishes fresh from the kitchen are put on the table by the temple front, making them perhaps the most distinguishing feature of this duck meat stand. Take whatever dishes you like to eat.
剛出爐的菜全部擺在廟前桌子,是鴨肉攤最大特色,想吃什麼就拿什麼。 67bb5d0785b500788c1ade8f1cadda5d

Once you are done choosing your dishes, take a short walk to carry them to the dining area. There's no need to pay in advance.

Also situated on the old street, the dining areas are very close to the duck meat stand. Once you see townhouses with numbers, find an empty table to dine inside.
用餐區也在老街上,離鴨肉攤很近,看到前面有數字的透天厝,就可以進去找桌子,坐下來吃。 e9fe3b2ec04ed1451b4a89511930164e

After enjoying your feast, the staff in the dining area will bring the check for you.

The duck meat is right by the table. Just tell the chef if you want a halved chicken, quartered chicken or a specific part, and he'll make it for you.
鴨肉在桌子旁邊,你跟廚師說要半隻或者四分之一隻,或者哪個部位,他就會切給你。 c6dededab30f8be8cde974956842b70d

The must-order dishes here are Duck Meat, Stir-fried Noodles and Braised Bamboo Shoot. They are all local food items.
這裡必點的菜色是鴨肉、炒麵和油燜筍,全部是當地食材。 dd1ed527993fa8d0144b645aac03735d

After you are done, take a stroll around the old street to kick-start digestion. If you have an appetite for more food, getting some Taiwanese desserts or snacks doesn't sound too bad!
吃完之後,在老街逛一逛,消化一下,如果還有胃口,再吃一些台灣的甜食或者小吃也不錯。 0115d7988ad4105efa7de419d9c72d24


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