Taitung coastal bike path and Baxian Cave/台東海岸自行車道與八仙洞

Eastern Taiwan coastal highway, which is Highway 11, has many road segments with Pacific Ocean on one side and beautiful mountain scenery on the other side.

Centering on the community, you can pick a scenic spot along the coastal highway to experience the most beautiful coastal highway in Taiwan while participating in bicycle-roaming activities.

You don't have to bike through the entire trip. There are bicycle rentals readily accessible near attractions.

The coastal highway is as long as 178 kilometers. You can arrange for at least six secluded bicycle tours. We'll introduce them to you one by one.

There are four hidden paths in Tai-tung. Starting from the north, there is "Zhong-yong Hidden Bicycle Path" near the border between Hua-lian and Tai-tung.

Zhong-yong Hidden Bicycle Path is in the vicinity of Chang-pin Community. There are two archaeological sites here: Baxian Cave and Chang-kwan Site.

Baxian Cave


Entering Tai-tung from Hua-lian, you'll first arrive at Baxian Cave Site situated above Baxian Cave Visitor Center.
從花蓮進入台東,你會先遇到八仙洞遺址,就在八仙洞遊客中心上方。 d1aca23cbbe49edcd95d751044669162

Heading up from the visitor center, you'll find sea caves, such as Baxian Cave and Chao-yin cave.
從遊客中心走上去,你可以發現八仙洞和潮音洞等海蝕洞穴。 f32a1a0702867da8392d24afcdda049f


"Baxian" and "Chao-yin" in Baxian Cave are main characters from the stories of traditional Chinese legends and religions.

This archaeological site is a part of Chang-pin culture, which is actually the earliest Taiwan culture thus far.

There was initially a temple where Chang-pin culture was discovered. After some negotiations in 2016, the temple was taken down. There was still full of scrap from the takedown when we arrived.
長濱文化發現的地方,本來是座廟,2016年協調廟方拆除,我們到的時候,仍然滿地拆除廢材。 3e68f7a83acb232b0a77339f009f2d94


Aside from the sea caves and explanation boards, there are no actual archaeological relics in Baxian Cave.
除了海蝕洞穴和解說牌,八仙洞看不到任何考古實物。 2a269bc44941f73ae48bea78ecbb34e2





You'll need to go to Tai-tung National Museum of Prehistory in order to see those valuable archaeological relics.
珍貴的考古實物,要到台東的史前博物館才能看得到 a968fff29a391f41779848c4cb85625d


Head south from Baxian Cave and you'll arrive in Chang-pin Community.

Zhong-yong Bikeway


Entering 13 East from the township office and then getting back on Highway 11, you'll arrive at the "Zhong-yong Hidden Bicycle Path" route.

This country road with a gradient of only 4 percent has an overall length of 5 kilometers, traversing the field beneath the coastal range.

Chang-kwan Site


In addition to the gorgeous scenery of terraces, if you head north on Highway 11 for a bit, there is an archaeological site from megalithic culture in prehistoric times, known as "Chang-Kwan Site."

The photos below are the introduction and relics in National Museum of Prehistory.
以下照片是在史前博物館的介紹與遺物。 23fe22ae14c451109362618f9d59e197


Shihmen Rest Area


If you have enough stamina and time, you can bike starting from Shihmen Rest Area in Hua-lian to unfold the magnificent route along the eastern coastline.
如果你體力和時間許可,你可以從花蓮的石門班哨角休憩區開始騎,展開你東海岸壯遊路線。 d5f4783f02f9f63721e4394b89e3ed5b


It's absolutely spectacular to bike all the way along the coastline.
沿途全部沿著海岸線走,非常壯觀。 9d372592638734dcd4305d676d07e4fc

You will also pass by famous attractions, such as Stone Stair Terrace and Chang-hong Bridge in Hua-lian and the landmark Tropic of Cancer. Pay attention to the more rapid changes of the terrain at the border between Hua-lian and Tai-tung.

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