Hualien bicycle paths, where you can roam the highlands of Pacific Ocean/花蓮市自行車道-遨遊在太平洋高灘地

Some tall buildings in Hua-lian downtown area render the panorama of Hua-lian City.
有的花蓮市區高樓可以一覽花蓮市全景。 306252df983559d686ac973467de16cf



Riding a bike, you can immerse yourself in the beautiful scenery of 3000-meter high mountains on the west side and magnificent Pacific Ocean on the east side.

Hua-lian City has a fully integrated cycling infrastructure. There were initially 3 bike paths, which are Two Lakes Bikeway, Two Train Stations Bikeway and Mountain to Sea Double Axes Bikeway.

"Mountain to Sea Double Axes Bikeway"


The Mountain to Sea Double Axes Bikeway starts at Hua-lian Rear Station, the earliest area developed by the Han Chinese, then reaches all the way to the base of Central Mountain Range, the first settlement for aboriginal tribe Sakizaya.

Completed in 2016, the "Four Rings Around the Center Bikeway" links up with the Mountain to Sea Double Axes Bikeway. The system centers around the train station and extends as long as 33 kilometers, connecting one hundred some scenic spots surrounding Hua-lian City.

Two Lakes Bikeway


The Two Lakes Bikeway with a total length of 35 kilometers goes from Chi-shing-tan to Li-yu-tan. The section along the coast is the most terrific coastal bike path in Taiwan.

When going from Hua-lian Bridge to Li-yu-tan, watch out for dump trucks at the bike path segment sharing with the road.

The bikeway starts at "De-yan Coastal Botanical Garden" near Chi-shing-tan. Heading to the starting point from downtown, you'll come by Hua-lian Airport.
車道起點在七星潭附近的「德燕海濱植物園區」,從市區前往起點,會經過花蓮機場。 47ad08364e15053632802afd9893e53d


There are signs on the sidewalk, letting you know which way to go toward Chi-shing-tan Bikeway.

Arriving at Chi-shing-tan, you can see the bikeway on the highlands by the beach. The pavement is extremely well done.
到了七星潭,可以看到自行車專用道,在海灘旁的高灘地,路面舖設相當好。 3ed60f6ed0214a79eed89da787917f57

Follow the bikeway signs along the road to head all the way south.
沿著路面的自行車道標示,一路往南走。 5db3e6e1d6db035611d41a2e96ce197e

Chi-lai-bee Lighthouse


You will come by Chi-lai-bee Lighthouse on your way.
途中會經過奇萊鼻燈塔。 230091c21d0dde20ad4f49ea24c80a82


Following the signs, you'll pass through Port of Hua-lian. You'll also pass through Bei-bin Park and Nan-bin Park after the intersection between Mei-lun Creek Estuary and Two Train Stations Bikeway.
按照指標,會經過花蓮港,在美崙溪口和兩鐵自行車道交會,再經過北濱和南濱公園。 adb448d37f18a6c7a086148662afb405


Bike all the way to the border between the city and county. You'll arrive at Dong-chang Bikeway exit. You can take County Road 193 toward Li-yu-tan.
騎到縣市交界,會到東昌自行車道出口,你可以走193縣道往鯉魚潭。 a41b49e6c3c57f2c5fff240e901b89c7


Alternatively, you can take Highway 11 to connect to the coastal bikeway on the east coast.
或者往台11線,接上東海岸的海濱自行車道。 bb9835c3c830169a441849aeb3991aa9

From Nan-bin Park to Dong-chang Bikeway, you don't have to share the road with cars on the avenue.
南濱公園到東昌自行車道,可以不用在大馬路上與汽車共用道路。 07c904dff3b3ff9c2291c595013e08fb

Hua-lian Culture and Creative Industries Park


The name Two Train Stations Bikeway means the bikeway connects Hua-lian Station and the old train station.

The old train station is the now "Hua-lian Culture and Creative Industries Park," which is closer to the seaside compared to Hua-lian Station.

The length of Two Train Stations Bikeway is 3.5 kilometers when going along the Mei-lun River riverside and through the bustling area of Hua-lian City.

From this bicycle path to the most bustling district of Hua-lian City, you can effortlessly run into many attractions.

Take the cultural and creative park as an example, the 26 warehouses in the old winery were renovated to become an exhibition space for art and culture.
例如文創園區,翻新舊酒廠26棟倉庫,打造成藝文展覽空間。 73c19590ad95fbe70576a7903bb8a757


There is a traditional blacksmith shop by the park, allowing you to see how ironware was made during the agricultural era.
園區旁還有一家傳統打鐵店,可以看到農業時代鐵器製作方式。 d1c0815985db0f60d742a798f62c98b1



"Hua-lian Specialty Street"


Near the intersection between Zhong-zheng Road and Zhong-hua Road is the "Hua-lian Specialty Street."
中正路和中華路交會口附近,是「花蓮名產街」。 ce8a9c1d02f242047be39bd2b2f6e3bd


Hua-lian delicacies, such as Gong-zheng steamed buns with fillings and more, are around the corner.

Pine Garden


You can also go to the foot of Mei-lun Mountain to visit Pine Garden and General Hall.

From a high spot on the Mei-lun Mountain, you can feast your eyes on the panoramic view of Hua-lian city and overlook Port of Hua-lian and Pacific Ocean.
從美崙的山坡上的高點看花蓮市全景,眺望花蓮港和太平洋。 292db0b2c4da3a10c376afe57756d479







Near the intersection between Mei-lun Creek Estuary and Two Lakes Bikeway are Bei-bin Park and Nan-bin Park. They are the perfect places to view the alluring scenery of Pacific Ocean.

The famous Dong-da-men Night Market is also around the corner. There are as many as four hundred food stands.

Coming here during your Hua-lian trip, you get to see the blue sky and green space, listen to the waves wash against the shore, breathe in refreshing air and taste a variety of delicacies.

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