Jiufen, where there comes money when gold mining is no more /九份-停採黃金,來了綠金

Generally speaking, Jiu-fen, Jinguashi and Shueinandong are collectively dubbed as the Shuei-Jin-Jiou.

Jiu-fen is a little higher than Jinguashi above sea level. The two communities were both initially gold-mining towns. They came to the verge of getting abandoned due to mining coming to a halt.

The movie "A City of Sadness" directed by Hou Hsiao-hsien shot the scene in Jiu-fen. This movie later won the Golden Lion Award at Venice Film Festival.

The international award-winning film allowed the beauty hidden inside this mining village to be seen by the whole world.

Though there is no more gold mining, the place draws the crowds of tourists bringing money into this town.

Jiu-fen is a hot spot, causing traffic jams during holidays. You can take the train to get to T-R-A Ruifang Station and then transfer to a bus or a taxi.

If you take a cab, don't worry about overpaying the taxi fare. There are signs at the cabstand by the train station indicating the definitive price to get to Jiu-fen.

Driving to Jiu-fen, most people take the Northern Cross-Island Highway. It's quite easy to follow the signs along National Highway 1 and then take the expressway.

Be careful driving a car if you come from Jinguashi. The road is both meandering and narrow before arriving at Jiu-fen.

Jiu-fen community consists of four main roads: Keelung Street, Shu-qi Road, Qingbian Road and Qi-che Road.

Keelung Street is the Old Street, and Qingbian Road used to be the trolley track for mine transportation. It was transformed into a normal road after the trolleys were suspended.

Qi-che Road is the community outer ring road, and Shu-qi Road is mainly a stone-step street connecting the other three roads.

There are numerous parking lots in Jiu-fen. You can walk to the Old Street more expeditiously when parked near County Road 102 and Geding Station.

Hiking entrance to Keelung Mountain


You will also come by the hiking entrance to Keelung Mountain.
你同時也會經過基隆山的登山口。 3b8c0ed60bc4d57ddfd049e1fd3872c2

Due to the shape similar to a chicken coop, the name of Keelung Mountain originated from a homophone meaning "chicken coop." It also resembles a pregnant woman lying on her back when looking at it from Jinguashi.

Some people therefore call it "Da Du Mei Ren," meaning "pregnant beauty."
所以也有人叫這座山「大肚美人」,意思是懷孕的美女。 783a961272f2b61cd8ee12ef7f2da2e0

Keelung Mountain is divided by Jiu-fen and Jinguashi. If you have time, it's worth a hike as it won't be too strenuous. The view up on the mountain is terrific.

Jiu-fen Old Street


Walk toward the Old Street from Geding Parking Lot. You will get to check out the famously beautiful mountain and sea scenery.
隔頂停車場往老街方向走,你就可以看到聞名的山海美景。 220789bfcdab14763ed291abbb09d366


The entrance to Old Street is by a convenient store, and the scenic overlook is around the corner.
老街入口在便利超商旁,觀景台就在附近。 ee57bfd4df228c20d0863fb26ce63aad

The scenic overlook is a great place to get a wonderful view of the mountain and sea scenery. Shen-au Fishing Port comes to view first. A bit further are Bah-dou-zhi Fishing Port and Port of Keelung.
觀景台也是看山海美景的好地方,深澳港最前方,再過去是八斗子和基隆港。 1dc3b98e8f1a5120a0e524749e19fbed


Situated between here and Keelung Islet, where the tip of the land extends into the sea, is Shen-au Headland.
在基隆嶼之間,陸地伸入大海最前端就是深澳岬角。 6af3befbf37a058d006cd1259da8f9c1

You can take some photos and selfies on the first or second floor.
你可以在一樓或者二樓取景,或者自拍。 d530931ddec4db29bdedf9c14c49ff94

After checking out the gorgeous scenery, it's time to head to Jiu-fen Old Street.
看完美景,直接進基山街逛。 83ce203d71a54c0e24da7d269247eb3a

With shops on both sides, Jiu-fen Old Street is very confined. Even the sky seems very narrow when looking above.
基山街很窄小,兩邊都是店家,看上面的天空也剩下窄窄一條。 d9ce008ebb6a12e6e5c6b787a26614f7


There are plenty of choices with many delicious Taiwanese snacks here.
很多好吃的台灣小吃都在這裡,選擇非常多。 199aabc5cde540b809195fcb46fd0000

There are famous stands, such as Ah-po Fish Ball.
知名的攤位有阿婆魚丸。 c8a8f37b2da5b599b46f6b4d839a3372

There is also Fish Ball Uncle.
魚丸伯。 b65b66028ce947fea5fa85e18271d271


There is Jin-zhi Vegetarian Bawan with Red Vinasse.
金枝紅糟肉圓。 7000e6d206765295d600dd7c85ab41bf


Even Yuan Soap opened a chain store here.
連阿原肥皂都來開分店。 a0b0b280b08bc4ce220a4a04e4f6eadb

There is Ah Lan Hakka Glutinous Rice Cake as well.
還有阿蘭草仔粿。 1a6164c7cbd7cb8f103fd69f1af9dc86



There is Lai Ah-po Taro Ball.
賴阿婆芋圓。 336924b93dcf4ab7122d2aa0ac812d76


Lai Ah-po Taro Ball is the most popular dessert in Jiu-fen. Many Taiwanese snacks are also called Jiu-fen Taro Ball, giving testament to the fame of this shop.

There was initially only one storefront, but the storefronts to both sides of the stand are now their dining areas.

Arriving at Qingbian Road from the Old Street, You also get to view the sea scenery from a different perspective.
老街連接到輕便路,你也可以看到不同角度的海景。 117e6949914c9c7d1a6be356d440b578

There are many homestays on this road. You can feel the sea right outside the windows when staying here.
很多民宿都在這條路上,住在這裡,大海好像就在窗外。 a2a3a3ac72cc58b01e7910ebc910f6de


The stairs on Shu-qi Road are the popular spots for taking selfies and photos in Jiu-fen.
豎崎路的階梯,是九份最熱門的自拍點和取景點。 0d7c71f44764b330fa623d26f589bfe5





A City of Sadness film locations, including Shengping Theater, are mostly in the vicinity.
電影悲情城市取景的地點,包括昇平戲院,也大多在這附近。 207708c894ca65ca8613084d58082d4c

There are people who say that the movie "Spirited Away" directed by Miyazaki also took inspiration from this scenic spot.

There are many teahouses here. Viewing the sea scenery from above while sampling tea further enhances the delightful taste!
這裡有很多茶館,一邊品茶,從高處看海景,美好滋味更加倍! c03ceb6cb639337349c46103c730f320

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