Taipei World Trade Center Exhibition Hall, the showcase for high-quality goods in Taiwan/世貿展覽館-台灣精品櫥窗

The Taipei World Trade Center Exhibition Hall is located right next to Taipei 1O1. It has three exhibition halls.
世貿展覽館在台北101旁邊,有三個展覽館。 f38be5e54ab0da50d7fff4a01ea6fb29



Along with Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, it's the showcase for high-quality goods in Taiwan.
再加上南港展覽館,是展示台灣精品的櫥窗。 15a9652bac896919744d473b22ec517c

Especially the trade center exhibition hall 1, it hosts the second largest International Information Technology Show “COMPUTEX Taipei” every year.
特別是世貿展覽館一館,全世界第二大的國際電腦展,「台北國際電腦展」每一年都在這裡舉辦。 3ffd736bc204d7c1afc35157dfed3561

Opened in 1986, the exhibition hall looks like a piled-up stack of red bricks.

Originally the military "Four Four Munitions Factory," it's now the most frequently used exhibition hall in the world.
原本是軍方的「四四兵工廠」,現在是世界使用率第一的展覽館。 2d9b618269e882bfe06c5a56264c142e

Public transportation is very accessible around Taipei World Trade Center Exhibition Hall. The MRT exit is right by the main entrance; you can also walk to the exhibition hall by using the covered passageway from the second floor of Taipei 1O1.
世貿展覽館交通非常方便,捷運站出口就在門口;你也可以從台北101的2樓連通道,走到展覽館。 6d3e808ca6deb12911fac1fbcedef697



The first floor of the exhibition building accommodates up to 1304 booths. There are also 250 booths on the 2nd floor. Aside from COMPUTEX Taipei, many important exhibitions were hosted here.
館內1樓展場可容納1304個展覽攤位,2樓也有250個攤位。除了台北國際電腦展,這裡也辦過很多的重要展覽。 f4fdea48c8e5934313932c3fbd4a0828


For instance, there are Taipei Computer Application Show, Taipei International Travel Fair and Taiwan Trade Shows.

There are over 25 trade shows hosted here every year, attracting crowds of over 1 million.

The exhibition hall is located in Xing-yi district with Taipei International Convention Center, TWTC International Trade Building and Grand Hyatt Hotel around the corner. Exhibition service is at your finger tips.

This is a great location for exhibition, allowing business travelers to exercise their smart power and affording great visibility to potential buyers.

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