Big O, where you can find surprisingly exquisite gourmet food next to art villages/Big O - 藝術村旁驚喜的精緻美食

The area around National Tai-tung University Tai-tung Campus is very much like mini Soho.

There are Tai-tung Railway Art Village, Tie-hua Music Village, Eslite Bookstore, Starbucks Coffee and Tai-tung Story Museum.
這裡有鐵道藝術村、鐵花村,誠品書店、星巴克咖啡店和台東故事館。 7d702176abb20a8a86ec1a9a1ed02ef5

There are two restaurants across from Tai-tung Story Musuem. One of them is Big O Tai-tung Kiln-baked Pizza.
台東故事館對面,有兩家餐廳。其中一家是台東窯烤披薩 Big O。 608b8fa852b173488a57df00b6097a86


Upon walking into the shop, you can see a simple and artistic setup.

The front frame of the bicycle sandwiches a coconut shell brimming with southern charms.
自行車前架夾著一顆椰子殼,充滿南國風。 a5d4c6d148dcf9fbf5e5d04bffbde06e

There are floor-to-ceiling windows both at the storefront and in the backyard brightening the dining ambience.
用餐環境很明亮,前門和後院都有整面的落地窗。 184bd6e43bf8b01550f3432feba8f267

You used to be able to see Tie-hua Music Village from the backyard looking out, but it's now sealed up.
原本後院看出去就是鐵花村,不過現在封了起來。 9af11ce284d60e3e8abaf64d29285955

Big O is an Italian Cuisine restaurant. Kiln-baked Pizza, Steak and Pasta are the main items .
Big O 是義式料理,主打窯烤披薩、牛排和義大利麵。

The menu design is also all about minimalism.
菜單設計也是簡約主義。 3301e25751ce1f49b538db48b128f463



Despite being Western Cuisine, menu items make a great use of local food ingredients. Take the Smoked Chicken Mango Pizza that we ordered as an example.
雖然是洋食,菜單項目卻充份運用了地方食材,例如我們點的芒果燻雞披薩。 f3a73e41f70683546d3d6d737cd66fb0

This is the Summer Flavor recommended by the shop employee and is not on the menu.
這是店員推薦,菜單上沒有的夏日口味。 769822d2e1641d43ea042cc491378129

Before being baked in the stove, the Taiwan specialty fresh mango is cut into pieces to go with smoked chicken and sauce.

The pizza out of the oven is sprinkled with parsley before being promptly brought to your table.

The fruity aroma and sweet taste of fresh mango are even richer after being baked. It's a perfect match for the smoked chicken.

The crust is soft while being very chewy.

The salad is rather distinctive with added local specialty Passion Fruit and Pitaya, palpably enhancing the flavor.
沙拉也很特別,加了地方特產百香果和火龍果,提味的作用很明顯。 0fbefdb26bd6fd1b1b8012f154c4cdc9

The steak from this shop is even more tasty. It's pan-fried before going into the small oven for grilling.

For instance, there is the American Rib Eye Steak that we ordered.
例如我們點的美國肋眼牛排。 27fa0d91d055c553dd3bdb9faba42285

The steak has a rich burning aroma to it, but it isn't too dry. It tastes extremely juicy, and the serving size comes in abundance.

According to folks who have eaten in exquisite steakhouses in the United States, this steakhouse is not only refined, but also good value for money.

Tai-tung Railway Art Village


After enjoying the delicious meal, we recommend that you stroll around the Tai-tung Railway Art Village and Tie-hua Music Village nearby.

Tai-tung Railway Art Village is an art village reconstructed from the old Tai-tung Train Station.
鐵道藝術村是台東舊火車站改建的藝術村。 669e088693f4e9411c322cd54e1e2b9f

The village preserves the original station body, giving impetus to Tai-tung Art upon the infusion of creations from artists.
村內保留原有的站體,注入藝術家的創作後,給台東藝術帶來了原動力。 7ede6e5d8dca61a0d830e2771f7afb32



Tie-hua Music Village is also an art village, commemorating Hu Tie-hua, the father of a renowned scholar Hu Shih.

He served as a Tai-tung official during the Qing Dynasty.

Tai-tung Railway Art Village and Tie-hua Music Village were hit by a windstorm in 2016. Artists are putting a lot of time and effort into restoring the beauty of Tai-tung.
2016年,鐵道藝術村和鐵花村因為風災受創,藝術家花了很多心力復原,重現台東的美。 32d64ded09711ca2dde310e6347fc8f0


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