Northern Cross-Island Highway and Dongyan Mountain/北橫與東眼山

Northern Cross-Island Highway has been open since the Japanese colonial era, passing through Xue-shan Range from Jiao-ban-shan all the way to San-xing, Yi-lan.

Like many other ridge-crossing roads in Taiwan, Northern Cross-Island Highway served the function of military affairs at the time.
當時的北橫的功能,和很多台灣越嶺道路一樣,主要是為了軍事。 1430b348f81bfd0ee218040e5327b7c2

Reaching all the way to San-xing from Daxi, the Northern Cross-Island Highway now transforms into a colorful scenic route.
現在的北橫從桃園大溪一直到三星,變身成滋味豐富的觀光公路。 ef1ae9e0dbfe326072cfa3a35cbe90c1

There are many routes in Taiwan that can link up with various scenic spots. For instance, the romantic Highway 3, Cafe Road in Tainan and more are fantastic choices for great themes.

There is "Northern Cross-Island Tourism Festival" in Tao-yuan as well.

La-la Mountain Nature Reserve


Aside from the scenic spots that we mentioned in Xiao Wu-lai, there are Shang-ba-ling Orchard and La-la Mountain Nature Reserve.

Taking Northern Cross-Island Highway, you'll occasionally come by stands selling high mountain produce, such as water honey peaches, cabbage and others, near the curves or the roadside.
走北橫公路,你有時會在道路轉彎,或者路邊空地,遇到販售水蜜桃或者高麗菜等高山農產的攤位。 4ab037cdf2758061819373ab6548a24a


There is Shen-mu in La-la Mountain. The water honey peaches are especially famous in Taiwan. They are juicy, sweet and very tasty. Why not buy them directly from the growers.
拉拉山有神木,水蜜桃更是全台有名,多汁香甜,非常好吃,不妨跟果農直接買。 7ce0e990a349318ea876e626b7c0b290

La-la Mountain Nature Reserve is at an elevation of 2000 meters. There are over twenty Taiwan Red Cypress Trees.

Similar to the giant trees in Chi-lan Mountain, they have the potential of becoming a natural legacy of the world.

Aside from the scenic spots along the way, Northern Cross-Island Highway can also connect to Highway 3 South and North.

It takes you to Man-yue-yuan, San-xia up north and Guanxi, Hsinchu down south. The journey is not too far, and many more scenic spots can be easily traveled to.

Dong-yan Mountain


We are bringing you a special tourist spot "Dong-yan Mountain," which is a summer resort one thousand meters above sea level.
這裡我們要特別介紹一個景點「東眼山」,這是海拔1千公尺的避暑聖地。 76fb6cebf5690e6b243b3dc07671c0cb

The shape of the mountain resembles an eye looking east; therefore, it was named "Dong-yan." "Dong-yan" in Chinese means "East Eye."
山形很像「向東看的大眼睛」,因此而得名「東眼」。「Dong-yan」 中文是東眼。

The trail system here connects with Manyue-yuan Forest Recreation Area, and Xiao Wu-lai, which is also one of the entrances to Bei-cha-tian Mountain.
這裡的步道系統可以連接滿月圓森林遊樂區和小烏來,也是登北插天山的入口之一。 d692f631f1fbea46b900e43631e1e3b0


Unfortunately, due to a typhoon hit, the route taking you to Manyue-yuan is closed for repair. It will open in 2017 the earliest.

The good news is that the trail leading to Xiao Wu-lai and Bei-cha-tian Mountain is still unimpeded;

however, you will need to apply to the Forestry Bureau first in order to continue on to the trail toward Bei-cha-tian Mountain.

Dong-yan Mountain used to be a forest station, and the trail was used as the route for logging pallets.
東眼山曾經是林場,步道是伐木台車使用的道路。 be2d5b55bf95cafcf2de8b43b41c1be2

The road surface is very flat, and there is gorgeous scenery along the way.
路面非常平整,沿途景色非常美麗。 b12a6efe3ca22751a06505e8f1cc36cd


We mentioned before that you would see several giant Taiwan Red Cypress Trees when heading toward Xiao Wu-lai.

Although you are temporarily unable to walk through the entire trail, there are other trails inside the forest recreation area.

The landscape and geological discovery inside the park are worth checking out.

Trace Fossil


Take the Trace Fossil as an example, it was a trace on the sand left behind by the prawns and crabs moving and nesting thirty thousand some years ago.
例如生痕化石。是3千萬年前蝦蟹移動和築巢,在砂地留下的痕跡。 8b8ad02ad449a019f3a05efa3d0b17b7



In the mountain area one thousand some meters above sea level, appearances of living creatures from the bottom of the ocean and plains give testament to how violent the orogeny was.
在1千多公尺的山區,出現這種在海底,或者平地的生物,可見造山運動有多劇烈。 0e820997a885a5e1c5fefed7ddca88f6

You can check out the mountain scenery and the artificial Japanese Cedar along the way and immerse yourself in forest bathing.
另外沿途可以看山景,還有人工造林的柳杉,充分享受森林浴。 f3051881c433cff7602f76cabc2086b5



There have been many campsites set up along the way in recent years.
最近幾年,沿途設置很多露營場。 a30bbb8a7f8eb1b70c003b83552890d5



From this height, viewing the river bend, and the landmark of Northern Cross-Island Highway, which is the red Luo-fu Bridge, gives you very distinctive scenery.
從這個高度看河彎和北橫地標,也就是紅色的羅浮橋,景觀特別不一樣。 24f759fbe62087416c40c3a62de045c7


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