Hehuan Moutain, the only mountain among the One Hundred Peaks that you can get to by road/合歡山-唯一一座公路可達的百岳

He-huan mountain summits are over 3000 meters above sea level. They are the high mountain group situated west of Ta-roko National Park.
合歡山群峰海拔都在3000公尺以上,是太魯閣國家公園西邊的高山族。 88162d791b90153ee88e1579373b0225

There are more than 260 high mountains in Taiwan over 3000 meters above sea level. Taiwan has the highest density of high mountains in the world.

Among the two hundred some mountains, there are 100 of them more suitable for climbing. Each one of them became a high mountain system, collectively dubbed as the "One Hundred Peaks" by mountain-climbing aficionados in Taiwan.

He-huan Mountain is one of them.

Climbing One Hundred Peaks typically requires tremendous amount of work. The preparation needs to be thorough.

You need to be fully equipped with mountain-climbing gear, apply for wilderness permit, hire a guide, etc.

Due to the fact that you can arrive right at the hiking entrance by road, and the summit only requires little climbing, He-huan mountain is dubbed as the easiest one among "One Hundred Peaks" to climb.

It's easier to come to He-huan Mountain from Nantou on the west side than Hua-lian on the east side.

From the east, you'll need to take Highway 8 and then connect to Highway 14A;

from the west, take National Highway 6 and then take the Puli exit. Make a left turn onto Highway 14A, which is the Central Cross-Island Highway Wu-she Branch.
從西部走國道6號在埔里下來,左轉台14甲線,也就是中部橫貫公路霧社支線。 8e8ed3f7321d6b292c856a769b39ab87


Highway 14A passes through the 3000-meter He-huan Mountain. It's the road at the highest spot in Taiwan, which happens to be endowed with absolutely gorgeous scenery.

Going uphill from Puli, you'll come by Aowanda National Forest Recreation Area, Wu-she Farm and Qingjing Farm.

If you are heading uphill before noon, the sunlight can be blinding at times. Pay attention not to head toward Lu-shan Hot Spring.
如果是中午以前上山,有時陽光很刺眼,注意不要走到廬山溫泉的方向去。 76c91d496d63abf3eb6921ca72e5cb7b


The mountain scenery is magnificent along the way. Once you see the old Control Station, pay attention to the road reduction and more twists and turns.
沿路高山風景很壯麗,看到舊管制站,注意道路會縮減,也比較曲折。 084e2671230c49530f5d76d8999190e1

Yuang-feng Visitor Center


Arriving at Yuang-feng Visitor Center 2750 meters above sea level, you should park your car and get some rest.
到了鳶峰旅客中心,海拔2750公尺,最好停車休息。 4c0b0ca0da6ef6dea9217034c5f1dfcc




Aside from possible carsickness, you can also get Acute Mountain Sickness due to the elevation of over 2400 meters.

Kunyang Rest Station


Arriving at Kunyang Rest Station, you are already on the high mountain over 3000 meters above sea level.
到了昆陽休息站,你已經在海拔3千公尺的高山上。 d0d02567e2e57775894a049d13f0084e

You should definitely take a break and take your time enjoying some beautiful scenery.
一定要停下來,好好欣賞美景。 c37f4690812ddf9c976fa91362345293


On both the eastmost and westmost sides of the Ta-roko National Park, there is one boundary stone respectively. This one is on the westmost side.
太魯閣國家公園最東和最西各有一座界碑,這座在最西邊。 d80db263cc2e38375ccc2f5ba683f3bd

The boundary stone is facing a big curve, becoming the most representative of He-huan Mountain scenic photos.
界碑正對著大轉彎,這是合歡山最有代表性的風景照。 d27e1ca6f438de46609b45be7a587bf5

Many people come here to take photos.

To our surprise, we saw soon-to-be newlyweds shooting wedding photos.
我們居然看到有新人拍婚紗照。 dd36686b477d3f21061f09d3349e9e37



The road and mountain scenery encountered from the boundary stone all the way to Kunyang Rest Station is breathtakingly beautiful.
在昆陽休息區,從界碑一路看來的公路和山景,美麗到讓人屏息。 d313d1aa08aa546ef58a1617393eaa11


The mountain range across from the rest station is the famous Mountain Qi-lai Series. There is an explanation board, labeling the position of every mountain.
休息區對面山脈是台灣知名的奇萊山連峰,有解說牌標示每座山的位置。 d2758a0fd0eda53d66551448e7f08788

This is also a place for admiring high mountain plants. In addition to the large Yushania Niitakayamensis Forest, the mountain is filled with Rhododendron every May and June.

Due to the confined road, please don't pull over on the roadside lest we cause the traffic to be held up.
因為道路狹窄,千萬不要在路邊停車,以免造成交通中斷。 c43b8020b718efb11d1468ba856fbcca



Wu-ling is the highest spot on the road. It isn't a long journey going from Kun-yang to Wu-ling, and the scenery is very beautiful.

It looks not so alarmingly dangerous due to its gentle slope.
因為是緩坡,看起來沒那麼驚險。 57e2f3150abc13de5df85fc5ca792a0e


White clouds cutting across the hilltop is a frequent sight forming a cloud waterfall.
不時看到白雲穿越山頭,形成雲瀑。 8f69515666b8378cca92685a4899b976

Green mountain scenery is all of a sudden amidst the hovering white cloud, resembling a scene taken from the movie made by Miyazaki Hayao.

Due to the very high elevation, the temperature is quite comfortable even when the hot sun is high in the sky during summer.

The bare and tattered rock formations in Wu-ling give testament to how violent the land formation was.
武嶺裸露和破碎的岩層,可以看到地層作用有多麼劇烈。 5fba41eefff96738ff6b792f966f362d

The high mountain scenery is also alluring. Looking back at the road scenery stretching from Kun-yang to Wu-ling is absolutely mind healing.
高山地景也非常漂亮,回頭看從昆陽來武嶺的公路,景色非常療癒。 0017c5fd4ef77d09cc640297ce93db16

Wu-ling is a landmark. Many folks coming here will line up in order to take a picture with the landmark.
武嶺是個地標,很多朋友會來這裡,大家排隊在地標前留下影像。 7b487b750a533f197050548641036fc3



Due to being the highest spot on the road, the elevation starts to decline from here on.

Song Syue Lodge


Looking down from the Yushania Niitakayamensis Forest nearby, you can see a red building He-huan Mountain Tourist Information Center from a distance.
從近處的玉山箭竹林往下看,遠方紅色建築就是合歡山遊客中心。 f15194b906c45db3bf6650fc8cb5d5c9

Looking into the distance from the parking lot, you are looking at the Li-wu River Drainage Basin situated west of the park.
從停車場往遠方看,進入了公園西邊的立霧溪流域。 7821562b3e048640797f2aa4479f1189

It's very hard to imagine that this place used to be a stratum at the bottom of the ocean. It became what it is today after getting cut through by rainwater.

There are many hiking entrances in the vicinity of He-huan Mountain Tourist Information Center. There is also Song Syue Lodge.
合歡山遊客中心附近是很多步道的登山口,也有一家旅館松雪樓。 cc6b3c6dd8eb8c3ef768c55b957bc2a1

The tourist information center is at the border between Ren-aye Township, Nantou and Show-lin Township, Hua-lian.
遊客中心是南投縣仁愛鄉和花蓮縣秀林鄉的交界。 4b1d07b79a9831bf75a46c9f477bd9aa


Song Syue Lodge is already inside Hua-lian County. At an elevation of 3150 meters, it's the highest hotel in Southeast Asia.

There are many pine trees in the surrounding hillsides of the hotel. The pine trees get covered in white snow during winter. It was therefore named Song Syue Lodge. "Song Syue" in Chinese means "pine trees covered in snow."
旅館週圍山坡有很多松樹,冬天松枝蓋滿了白雪,所以叫松雪樓。[Song Syue]中文是松雪。

Staying here one night during summer to admire the night view and sunrise is like a dream;

however, vacancies are scarce.

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