Taitung City Outline/台東城市摘要

Tai-tung is a place with the highest tourism potential in Taiwan.

It possesses 176 kilometers of Pacific Ocean Coastline, which is the longest in Taiwan.

It's the third largest county in Taiwan. The population density is the lowest.

It nevertheless ranks first in the number of prehistorical sites in Taiwan.

Lonely Planet Publications lists Tai-tung as a top ten tourist spot in Asia in 2016.

Lonely Planet described Tai-tung as "Taiwan's Secret Wild Card."

Just like the way Lonely Planet said it, Tai-tung is a place suitable for visits all year round.

Come check out Bombing Han-dan during the Lantern Festival; come surf during summer, join the Taiwan Hot Balloon Festival activities and ascend to the sky with a hot air balloon to admire the sea.

Check out Daylily in the autumn. Put out to sea to listen to whales singing or have a jaunt riding a bicycle.

There is a Taiwanese writer, who traveled to Kyoto, Japan, describing Kyoto and Tai-tung as sharing one similarity: mountain forests and quietness.

The writer said "The more quiet your heart becomes, the closer you are to the divinity of mountain forests, and the closer you are to yourself."

Tai-tung is a secret place that has been preserved for tourists until today. There are scenery and culture.

The little downtown area of Tai-tung is packed with so many distinctive buildings that you could hardly imagine seeing.

The shape of the library in the National Tai-tung University Zhi-ben Campus is a dead ringer for an alien spaceship.

Looking at the emerald sea ahead after entering the library, you'll feel like sitting inside a cockpit moving toward a sea of stars and pursuing the unlimited wisdom of mankind.
進圖書館, 望著前方的碧綠大海,你好像坐在駕駛艙,往星海前進,追求人類無盡的智慧。

Orchid Island and Green Island are the two most beautiful islands off the eastern coast of Taiwan. Both the air and land transportation set out from Tai-tung.

The rice here is renowned in Taiwan. It used to be a food item put on the Japanese emperor's dining table .

There are also numerous Sugar-Apple varieties, which you rarely get to see in other places.

Although the Pacific Ocean can be less calm at times, Tai-tung locals have strong personalities.

They face the twilight of Pacific Ocean with a smile, but also stand tall confronting the storms coming from the sea with courage.

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