The beautiful Keelung, both day and night/ 基隆日夜都美麗

We suggest that you spend one day and night in order to discover the true beauty of Keelung.

Keelung Temple Street Night Market


You can stroll around the Keelung Temple Street Night Market near the port at night. It is one of the most famous night markets in Taiwan.
晚上,你在港區附近可以去逛基隆廟口夜市,這是台灣最有名的夜市之一。 6af5559fccd611a6f24df31e3d052d23

It's dubbed as Temple Street due to its similarity to Hsinchu City God Temple. The food stands have always been doing business by the temple.

Dainji Temple


The oldest food stands in Keelung Temple Street Night Market are situated by Dainji Temple.
基隆廟口夜市最原始的攤位,在奠濟宮廟口前。 22eb0df187625fd8e84dee13e0a8d6e6

There are only a few stands by the Temple Street, the rest have all been relocated to Rensan Road.

Among the food stands by the Temple Street, Ding Bian Chuo is the most popular.
廟口前方的小吃攤,最有名的是鼎邊銼。 02da8beaff658e590ff14a41874f1324


The stands on Rensan Road are all by the pedestrian arcades and tidily arranged. Even the shop signs are numbered.

There have been ever-increasing crowds in Keelung Night Market; the food-stand spots are not limited to Rensan Road.

The night market in Aye 4th Road has grown to be larger than the one in Rensan Road. It becomes a L-shaped night market when merging both night markets.

You should slow down your pace strolling around Rensan Road as it's too easy to inadvertently miss some delicious and well-known food stands.

It's perhaps the best to go by the shop number to avoid mix-ups.

The stands on Rensan Road are very representative of typical Taiwanese Cuisine.

For instance, there are Rice Vermicelli Soup, Tempura and Shrimp Chowder from Xiao Chen Shop.
例如,小陳米粉湯、天婦羅和蝦仁羹。 4f65582d74e290bddc2f985b3f680ac5



The Shrimp Chowder has very clear soup. The color is between that of the chowder from Chai-yi and from Tainan.

Braised Pig's Feet goes well with Braised Pork Rice. It's very tasty.

It's too bad that the stand just happened to be closed when we came.

Additionally, there are Japanese dishes, such as Nigiri Sushi and Sashimi with Rice, which are very common in Taiwan.
另外,還有台灣常見的日式料理,像是握壽司和生魚飯。 06a8b8d0e35f8bc9c809086b66ce6679


Curry Rice in Keelung is a very distinctive dish as it's quite different from Indian Curry.
咖哩飯則是基隆很特別的料理,和印度咖哩不大一樣。 59be3c95e4dbeb59bf23f4faed166011

Braised Congo Eel is also delicious.
紅燒鰻也很好吃。 d01b7dcd2f28a13668113f2d151da0cd

This Salty Porridge stand was specifically recommended by famous Taiwanese writer Yu-fu; Salty Porridge goes well with Deep-fried Chicken Rolls and Sailfish Floss.
這攤鹹粥是台灣名作家魚夫特別推薦,鹹粥搭配炸雞捲和旗魚鬆吃。 fb451157556c3e429dda94ffbf5bc371

Yu-fu's father took him here to dine when he was little. It's a delicious dish from heaven in his memory.

There are dishes from several stands that came out the earliest in Taiwan. Due to their popularity, other night markets are emulating them.

Such examples are Eat Tempura in One Bite, Eat Sausage in One Bite, Bubble Ice and Nutritious Sandwich.
例如一口吃天婦羅、一口吃香腸、泡泡冰和營養三明治。 f471b1756b38704b75f80b17c056f552




Making a turn onto Aye 4th Road, you'll see the majority of the stands that became established at later times excluding Ji-jia Pig's Feet and a few others.
轉個彎到愛四路,除了紀家豬腳少數幾家,大多數攤位是後來才崛起。 94a027441785a6ca840f1cfde853c226



This section is very bustling with employees from numerous seafood shops bringing in business at their respective shopfront.

The crowds here are actually larger than the ones on Rensan Road. Take the crowds attracted by Charbroiled Sandwich as an example.
人潮反而比仁三路還多,例如碳燒三明治吸引的人潮。 7006e26ea48c174e4516bd484af429dd

Coming to the Temple Street Night Market, we got to see the delicious dishes from heaven in Keelung.

You get to view the very romantic Keelung night scenes from tall buildings surrounding the harbor. There are large cruise liners periodically moored here.
你也可以從港區週邊高樓看基隆夜景,相當浪漫。這裡也定期有大型郵輪停靠。 6aedb23f76cc8dbe6063d3b093b4157c




Wang-yo Valley


In addition to National Taiwan Ocean University, there is a place called "Wang-yo Valley" if you like to check out the beautiful Keelung during the day.

Wang-yo Valley is also dubbed as "Worry-Free Valley." It's the highlands located next to Bah-dou-zhi Fishing Port.

From behind the National Museum of Marine Science and Technology, you can search for an alley next to the museum. Follow the signs to get to the entrance.
可以從國立海洋科技博物館後方,探索館旁一條小巷,按照指標進入。 1ac231a97346dc0f730c1549952d9051



After driving up the hill road, continue going right to get to the highland when you arrive at a fork in the road near Bah-dou-zhi Coastal Park.
爬上一段坡路後,在八斗子海濱公園附近的分岔路前,繼續往右,走上高地。 2a52eb1db0ce737c06392bb56f6b4b96

There is a parking lot on the highland. Once you park your car, you can get a panoramic view of Bah-dou-zhi Fishing Port and Keelung.

Walking down the trail, you can see the gorgeous Keelung Islet by Keelung.
走下步道,你可以看到基隆前方的基隆嶼,相當美麗 21fa6e0cb13b08d21a04be88b99c7cb4



National Museum of Marine Science and Technology


If you have time, you can check out the National Museum of Marine Science and Technology.

This museum was planned for construction around the same time as the National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium in Pingtung.

The defunct North Thermal Power Plant operated by Tai-power was entirely reconstructed to give children a unique marine education.
將已關廠的台電北部火力發電廠,全部大改造,給兒童不一樣的海洋教育。 6c2f6465e822e3b2406c82f80a454d37

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