Keelung City Summary/基隆城市摘要

Keelung is a symphony interweaving the mountains, ocean and history.

"Keelung Volcano Group" and Wu-zhi Mountain System surround Keelung on three sides.

The ocean current from Pacific Ocean and the northeast monsoon clash with the mountains, molding Keelung into a natural deepwater port.
群山與來自太平洋的洋流和東北季風互相衝擊, 造就基隆成為天然深水港灣。

The Spanish and the Dutch had been fighting for this port since the Age of Discovery.

The french and the British also made numerous invasions during the Qing Dynasty.

It became the number one port in Taiwan during the Japanese colonial era.

The commercial trade in Taiwan took off in 1980. It used to be the number 7 container port in the world.

It is the number two port in Taiwan now.

Due to its strategic importance, Keelung had the highest number of artillery batteries in Taiwan.

There are still 10 remnants of those batteries.

Downtown Keelung is 95% rolling terrain. Sea and land routes connect to the Northern Coastal Areas and nearby fishing ports.

Without being confined by its narrow and small hinterland, Keelung is a port town facing the ocean and entire Taiwan.

The population in such a small town used to be the fourth highest in Taiwan. The population density was number 4 in Taiwan as of 2016. The city landscape is very distinctive.

Keelung is the starting point for the very first national highway in Taiwan and the most prosperous city in the Northern Coastal Highway region.

The complex terrain, sea and air transportation have enabled Keelung to provide tourists with a very diversified travel experience.

The fusion of the mountain and harbor city will surely provide you with something amazing both day and night.

Getting to the hilltop to get a bird's eye view of Keelung during the day is a completely different experience than being at the sea level or in the harbor area.

At night, the light at the port district reflecting off the harbor is something that you won't be able to experience in other cities.

You should spend some time crossing the artificial skyline to discover the beauty of this very first international port in Taiwan.

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