Taipei Akihabara 3.0: Guanghua Market and Syntrend Creative Park/光華商場和三創數位生活園區-台北秋葉原3.0

With the capacity to design, provide all components and even OEM and assemble, Taiwan plays a critical role in consumer electronics products worldwide.

Not only are there complete supply chains and industrial clusters, but also a retail store cluster.

Located in the region surrounded by Songjiang Road, Jian-guo Road, Civic Blvd and Bader Road, the cluster is dubbed as Taipei Akihabara.

Akihabara is actually a retail cluster for consumer electronics products in Japan; the commercial products retailed in this region exude distinctive Taiwanese style.

There are three places that are a must for strolling around.

The first one is the Bader Road situated between Songjiang Road and Jian-guo Road.
第一個是八德路,在松江路和建國北路之間的路段。 620ae5f0f43a91a704dbc14975e9d0aa

The second one is Syntrend Creative Park.
第二個是三創數位生活園區。 468b6b6c24ad14087cf0082935f54a00

The third one is Guang-hua Market, which is Guang-hua Digital Plaza connected to Syntrend Creative Park.
第三個光華商場,也就是和三創數位生活園區連接的光華數位新天地。 bb5a7c88699e5146cf416201219e2500


The segment of Bader Road between Songjiang Road and Jian-guo Road can be dubbed as the Street of Computer, Communication and Consumer Electronics in Taipei.

The newest consumer electronics products, components, printer accessories and related products or even factory repair centers can be found here.

Parking spots are readily available in the underground parking lots inside Syntrend Creative Park and Guang-hua Market; however, we suggest that you take MRT or public transportation as you could almost stumble at every step driving during the rush hour.

Turning into a small alley from the Street of Computer, Communication and Consumer Electronics, you can see Syntrend Creative Park and Guang-hua Digital Plaza.
從3C大街轉到一條小巷,就可以到三創數位生活園區和光華數位新天地。 ca8ab789f6c99983bd8c9765107d8294

Syntrend Creative Park


Syntrend Creative Park was completed in 2015. It has a 6-story underground parking lot and height of 12 stories above the ground.

Although there are only 7 stories currently in use, it's already one story more than Guang-hua Digital Plaza next door.
雖然目前只使用7層,已經比隔壁的光華數位新天地,多了一層樓。 12649cd4684a37da46bcd5e419ddb555

It introduces the so-called trendy information lifestyle, making a crossover into cultural contents from hardware manufacturing.
引進所謂的資訊潮生活,從硬體製造跨越到文化內容。 28f858dca328343d4dd7e3babc49fb55

Operated through investments made by Hon Hai Precision, Syntrend Creative Park represents the showcase for future transformation of the information industry giant in Taiwan.
這是鴻海公司投資經營,代表台灣資訊產業龍頭未來轉型的櫥窗。 3c49fe00a958698537850dafb785a0bf

Upon walking into the first floor of the creative park, you can feel the magnificent atmosphere. From the ground to the ceiling, every beam column is encased in large TV walls.
走進園區一樓,你可以感受到非常壯觀的氣氛,每一支樑柱,從地面到天花板,都被大型電視牆包住。 ab5f08ff065a3c0f0499e7de8cde6b8f

It is similar to a large information department store, and there are different contents in each of the 7 stories.

There are a Starbucks and a trendy Japanese fashion eyewear store on the first floor.
一樓有星巴克咖啡館,也有新潮日本時尚眼鏡。 16e64792d9cc658f9a201d87d2988327

There are cultural and creative goods on the second floor; we also saw high-end audio electronics.
二樓有文創商品,我們還看到了高級音響。 f56d5c142179428fd73c768293fb1b2c




Their emphasis on parent-child interaction is perhaps the most distinctive. For instance, there are animated toy stores, children's goods and strollers on some of the floors.
最特別的是很注重親子互動,例如有的樓層有動漫玩具店,兒童用品和嬰兒推車。 d34ed2d7c8d901f7fb22d8aa1dc07bb1





There are also cafes. If the whole family gets tired after walking, you get to stop for a rest.
也有咖啡店,走累了,可以讓一家坐下來歇腳。 a22c817ba22994f60d815f82d706684e





We saw some children on site trying out the newest virtual reality technology.
我們還看到現場有小朋友,試用最新的虛擬實境科技。 7f34bad6a6c628d99892280dda283f92



Stroll around Syntrend Creative Park and witness firsthand the pinnacle of visual experience brought to you by the modern technology.

Guang-hua Market


The Guang-hua Market next door was originally located beneath Guang-hua Bridge, between Songjiang Road and Xinsheng South Road.
至於隔壁的光華商場,原本是在松江路和新生南路的光華陸橋下方。 ffef541c341337be8235efdd16f39701

The bridge was taken down in 2006. The marketplace relocated to the current location and was renamed "Guang-hua Digital Plaza." There are 6 stories in use.

The newly established marketplace preserved the PC parts, sports goods, photography equipment and used books originally retailed in the old Guang-hua Market.

The vendor booths are more spacious than those initially beneath the bridge, and the ventilation is more ideal. The first floor is the exhibition area for computer goods.
攤位比原來陸橋下寬敞,通風也比較好,一樓是電腦產品展示區。 8cb2ff6b210f044e281c13b5ed685f33

There is also the spacious and well-lighted Food and Drink Area.
還有明亮寬敞的飲食區。 ac51fa09bb646e80ce840df75ecf539a

From the second floor to the sixth floor, there are elevators and escalators providing convenient access to any vendor booth.
2樓到6樓有電梯和手扶梯,要到哪一個攤位都很方便。 de9edc0cbbbbf444fbb71af90dc527a6




The interior compartments and decoration are still very traditional compared to Syntrend Creative Park, yet it highlights the pragmatic aspects of shopping and preserves the old spirit of the marketplace.

If you are looking for computer products, parts and accessories, coming to this place is similar to treasure hunting, which is very interesting.

If you have a whole day to spend, check out Hua-shan Creative Park nearby to experience more cultural fun.

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