Xiao-kai-yue, the place of local dishes in the region of high-priced real estates/小凱悅-高房價地段的平民料理

At the foot of the hill is the "Xiao-kai-yue" restaurant that we mentioned in the Xiang-shan hiking trail article.

Xiao-kai-yue is located on Zhuang-jing Road, right across from Xinyi Junior High School.
小凱悅位在信義國中正門對面的莊敬路上。 dbf9770bb97754bf3064c05b551605c8

At only a few hundred meters away from MRT Xiang-shan Station and Xiang-shan hiking trail, it isn't too far away from Taipei 1O1 and World Trade Center.

Originally named "Nan-cun Local Dish Shop," Xiao-kai-yue is famous for its Military Dependent's Village Cuisine in Taiwan.

It was nicknamed "Little Hyatt" by the patrons due to being very close to the five-star Hyatt Hotel. The owner also shows off their creative idea on the shop sign:)
因為很靠近五星級凱悅飯店,被客人暱稱[小凱悅],老闆也將客人的創意展現在招牌上:) 673126d16adcff82ab8eac2ef1769289

The military dependent's villages refer to the multi-family communities established for the military personnel in various places of Taiwan after the Nationalist government came to Taiwan in 1949.

Xiao-kai-yue was originally around the corner of a military dependent's village "Four Four South Village" and therefore named "Nan-cun." (Nan-cun in Chinese means "south village.")

The government spent a large sum of money reconstructing over 10 years ago, taking down the old buildings and constructing tall buildings to renew the place.

Xiao-kai-yue did not relocate. It remains doing business in the same place and continues to preserve the original taste.

Notwithstanding the many local and exotic cuisines in Taiwan, the Military Dependent's Village Cuisine is distinctive.

Military dependent's village dishes are actually very common home dishes, utilizing the simplest food ingredients to create the richest and the most diversified taste.

There were many street stands selling noodles in the early days. Those were military dependent's village dishes. There are similar restaurants in all major cities nowadays.

Located in the region of the most expensive real estates in Taiwan, this Military Dependent's Village Cuisine shop has a very representative taste.

Coming through the entrance, you can see a full line of braised dishes on display next to the checkout counter.
一進門就可以看到收銀檯旁邊,有一整排滷味。 081ab5f532016d0449826d0eb5c33c0f

There are many varieties to choose from, such as Braised Beef, Beef Tendon, Soybean Curd, Kelp, Cow Intestine and Rolled Flour Gluten.
有滷牛肉、牛筋、豆乾、海帶、牛腸、麵腸,種類很多,任你挑選。 e67998686699cdb49dbe81c5bf0c9794

Above the tray of each braised dish is the price. There is a bucket of very special Sichuan Pickled Cabbage on the far right side.
每一種滷味的托盤上方都有標價,最右邊還有一桶很特別的四川泡菜。 69bbcb7e4bf3ed71a84f539781fcd0cc

They are braised just right and very tasty without being too salty.
滷得剛好, 很入味,吃起來也不會太鹹。 c31755f132a846c99be1cf1b63d0071e

Sichuan Pickled Cabbage is very different from Taiwanese Pickled Cabbage. It adds chili and pepper, and the taste is slightly sour. It tastes delicious and crisp. Those who are not afraid to eat sour food should try.
四川泡菜和台式泡菜不一樣,加辣椒和花椒,口味偏酸,吃起來又香又脆,敢吃酸的人可以嚐嚐看。 f8ce840d457f20365c34b2aa4eb1e204

Pickled Cabbage tastes good by itself. If you add a dish of Boiled Peanuts like we did, it makes for an even more perfect match!
泡菜單獨吃就很好吃,如果像我們加一盤水煮花生,更是絕配! efd1ca6e056a26576bf14acd45874c23

Looking at the Four Delicacies Soup that we ordered, you'll understand why military dependent's village dishes are home dishes.
為什麼眷村料理是家常料理,看我們點的這道四寶湯,你就會瞭解。 f01f01dddf557adac9f0c207a1cc3677

There are also typical military dependent's village soups in this shop, such as Sweet and Sour Soup and Mixed Vegetables and Pork Soup.

Xiao-kai-yue combines four commonly known food ingredients to make the Four Delicacies Soup: celery, tomato, tofu and egg drop.

These four ordinary food ingredients are collectively called Four Delicacies, which is quite an interesting name. The soup tastes pretty good.

Noodle dishes from Xiao-kai-yue are a must-try.

The noodles are handmade. They are thicker than typical plain noodles and chewy much like sliced noodles despite being thinner.

We ordered Noodle with Sesame Paste and Noodle with Soybean Paste. If these dried noodles don't suit you, they can be stir-fried too.
我們點了麻醬麵和炸醬麵,如果這種乾麵你不中意,也有用炒的。 3d63abd1f34c30f7bc660baae423b864

Furthermore, the stir-fried dishes from this shop are very distinctive. Even a typical stir-fried green vegetable dish tastes very rich.
另外,這家店的小炒也很有特色,很平常的炒青菜,吃起來都很有味道。 4a87d87e6c7705d3785fd0f7cb7dcbd3

Scrambled Eggs with Tomatoes has the firm taste of tofu while being delectable.
番茄炒蛋吃起來有豆腐的紮實感,滋味也很不錯。 4d09a8afb46cb36142b4856c320efee4


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