Fu Hang Soy Milk, where there is a long queue for the breakfast!/ 阜杭豆漿-早餐排長龍!

Fu Hang Soy Milk is on the second floor of Hua-shan Market.
阜杭豆漿位在華山市場2樓。 93d81989942840f1aeb7799c9e1fa4ac

Hua-shan Market is right at the Exit No. 6 MRT Shan-dao Temple Station. Initially a street market, its name "Hua-shan" originated from a Japanese governor Kabayama Sukenori.

With its interior renovated in 2009, it's now dubbed as the five-star street market.
2009年內部裝潢更新,現在號稱是五星級的傳統市場。 45caeab3f4283785f80f7c600afb3e1e

Hua-shan Market is surrounded by the commercial and government office buildings.
華山市場週圍是商業和政府辦公大樓。 971df51b219c9fcd1f3a53fea59f9fa1

Across from the street are the famous Buddhist temple Shan-dao Temple, DPP headquarters and Executive Yuan; on the same side of the street are a five-star Sheraton Hotel and Legislative Yuan.

It's also only one MRT station away from the Taipei Main Station.

If you feel like eating breakfast in this shop, be ready to get up early or wait in the long line.
但是你想要吃這一家的早餐,要有早起的心理準備,或者排很久的隊。 8854020a7e39cb885a3bdec048a7133b


Fu Hang Soy Milk opens from 05:30 in the morning till 12:30 at noon. It closes on Monday.

The queuing crowd usually starts to form at 7 o'clock in the morning.

It was around 10 o'clock in the morning on the day we came. The waiting line already queued all the way down to the market entrance on the first floor, starting from the second floor!
我們到的這一天,大約早上10點左右,排隊人龍己經從2樓排到1樓市場入口! 56b333ffd7de2a20a3ee8bf1f881ebf8

There is even a queue flow indication sign posted on the wall to help maintain order and avoid interfering with other customers shopping.

Whether it be Western, Chinese or Taiwanese, there are myriad options to choose from when eating breakfast in Taipei.

This particular breakfast shop is considered Chinese style in Taiwan.

As seen in the picture, the hottest selling items are in the cooking area behind the counter.
從照片可以看到,最熱賣的品項,就在櫃檯後面的料理區。 cafbff5cc853db033233c5c2bff73e11

There are trays full of food waiting for customers to order. The Caramel Sweet Bread is sorted on the left side, Thick Clay Oven Rolls is sorted on the right side, and warm soymilk for carry out is sorted in the back.

The Caramel Sweet Bread tastes good by itself; some people like to stuff the Thick Clay Oven Rolls with eggs; some others like to stuff it with Fried Bread Sticks.

Other items are Thin Clay Oven Rolls, Chinese Omelet, Chopped Green Onion Salty Bread, Salty Soymilk, etc.

The crowd from Fu Hang Soy Milk is the legend of Hua-shan Market. There are over ten gourmet shops on the second floor.

This is the only shop on the second floor open during the morning time, and the seating area is packed with customers eating breakfast.
上午的時間,二樓只有這家開張,吃早餐的顧客,擠滿座位區。 3011fdd734551a5f561f401e5a4a917f

What can you do if the line is just too long for you to wait your turn? There is also a Yonghe Soy Milk nearby. You can try their Small Steamed Buns, Soymilk or Clay Oven Rolls with Fried Bread Sticks.
隊伍太長等不到怎麼辦,附近也有一家永和豆漿,可以吃吃他們的小籠包,或者豆漿和燒餅油條。 b5b33c8ed7e5347cb8a91411b6a614f8


Exiting the market through the side entrance, you can try a decent Chinese Omelet shop around the corner as well.
市場側門走出去,附近有家蛋餅也不錯,你都可以嚐嚐看。 40e952eccb9d83d17b27618ba7520b73


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